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Ashworth by Woodgrain Millwork,
formerly Atrium Patio Doors.

Ashworth's finely crafted doors are the thresholds connecting your most cherished indoor and outdoor spaces.

Beauty, quality and selection inspire the design of each and every product we make, allowing you to easily customize a door that meets the functional needs of your environment while complementing, refining and even enlivening your home. Regardless of the materials, textures and colors that inspire your space, Ashworth Doors marry style and function so that even the fine details of your home harmoniously represent the way you live and how you see the world.

Ashworth is a brand of Woodgrain Millwork, Inc., one of the largest millwork companies in the world. Being a part of the Woodgrain Millwork family provides our customers with finely crafted patio and entry doors with an assortment of materials and manufacturing techniques not available from other manufacturers.