Door Installation

Ashworth Doors are built to provide ease of use for homeowners and builders, from installation to everyday operation. Installed properly, they will offer you years of hassle-free performance and beauty.

Installation instructions are included with every door. If you did not receive any with your purchase, contact us at 800.935.2000. You may also click the links below to download a PDF the following items:
Please note: Failure to comply with installation instructions may void your warranty.

If you are not planning immediate installation of your Ashworth Door, you may be required to store them until it is convenient. Please adhere to the following guidelines when storing your doors:
  • Do not store in areas where wet plaster, cement or excessive moisture is present.
  • Storage area should be dry and well ventilated.
  • Do not store where the unit will be subjected to abnormal extreme heat, extreme dryness, humidity, direct sunlight or sudden changes therein. Subjecting the unit to these conditions may cause warping, telegraphing, etc. Allow 8-12 months for a warped panel to acclimatize to its environment, before filing a warranty claim. The panel may return to its original plane during that time.
Please note: Failure to comply with these instructions may void your warranty.