Product Engineering

Engineered for Structural Strength and Thermal Performance
  1. Ashworth Doors’ exteriors are aluminum clad and unsurpassed in offering protection from the elements. They require very little maintenance. These units consist of a durable extruded aluminum surface and are designed to strengthen the panel and frame of extended wear.
  2. The interior panels are comprised of a variety of beautiful wood for the perfect fit into any d├ęcor, and are ready to be completed in your choice of surface finishes. We recommend painting or staining the interior door with quality products and following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. The extruded anodized aluminum sill has an integrated screen track with a mill, champagne or bronze sill designed to keep the weather outside where it belongs.
  4. The wood frame is engineered to accentuate door frame strength and improved energy performance, available in units up to 12’ with continuous head and sill. The frame is fully weather stripped to guard against the elements. The door edges and jabs are pine to improve durability and are ready to finish.